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Cold weather shouldn't slow you down. Check out our fantastic selection of thermal underwear and base layers today and find the perfect gear to keep you warm, dry, and focused on the job.


Beat the Cold with the Best Workwear

Working outdoors or in cold warehouses can be brutal during the winter months. Our range of thermal clothing from trusted brands like Fort, Caterpillar, and TuffStuff is designed for those who need reliable warmth and comfort while tackling tough jobs.

From long johns that provide extra warmth during extreme weather conditions to versatile long-sleeved tops or short sleeve vests that can be worn alone or layered, we've got what you need to keep the chilly weather at bay.


What is a Base Layer?

Thermal base layers are your first line of defence against the cold, worn directly against your skin to help regulate body temperature. These garments work by wicking sweat away from your body and trapping body heat, ensuring you stay dry and warm.

They are essential for anyone working in harsh outdoor conditions, such as construction workers, farmers, or landscapers, who need to stay warm without compromising mobility.

Base layers are versatile, too. In addition to keeping you warm in the winter, they help you stay cool in the summer by managing moisture and providing a cooling effect. This adaptability makes them perfect for year-round use in varying work conditions.


Find the Perfect Fit

Choosing the right fit for your thermal underwear is crucial. It should be snug but not restrictive, allowing you a full range of motion for tasks that require bending, lifting, or climbing.

Our mens thermals and womens thermals are crafted from high-quality, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics that offer stretch and flexibility. The durability of these materials, such as merino wool, ensures they withstand the daily wear and tear of tough work environments.

Additional smart features such as flatlock seams help reduce chafing and irritation, ensuring maximum comfort.


How to Wear and Care for Your Thermals

Layering is essential for optimal warmth. Start with a moisture-wicking, lightweight base layer directly against your skin. Add your regular workwear, like a fleece or work shirt, on top to trap heat effectively.

Our thermal clothing integrates seamlessly into your work outfit, providing that extra layer of warmth without bulk. Once you start wearing them, you'll soon see why they are an essential piece of kit for workers.

Washing is also super simple; follow the care instructions to keep them performing at their best, wash after wash. It's that easy.


Stay Warm, Stay Productive

Browse our collection and experience the comfort and quality that brands like Fort, Caterpillar, and TuffStuff bring to your workday.

Equip yourself with the best thermal clothing and tackle any job with confidence and comfort.

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