6 Essential Features of the Best Work Shirt for Summer

6 Essential Features of the Best Work Shirt for Summer

How to Choose the Best Summer Work Shirt: 6 Must-Have Features

As a family who has spent their fair share of time working outdoors or in a warehouse during the British summer months, we know firsthand the struggle of trying to stay cool and comfortable while getting the job done.

Choosing the right work shirt might not seem like a big deal, but trust us, it can make a world of difference. We've been there in those stifling temperatures, feeling like we’re baking in our own clothes. But with the right features in your shirt, you can beat the heat and stay focused on the task at hand.

So, today, we’re here to share some knowledge that will hopefully make your warmer weather workdays that little bit easier. We're going to talk about the six key features you should look for in a summer work shirt, helping you to find the perfect fit and style.

If you’re ready to tackle the hot weather with confidence, stick with us as we outline exactly what makes a good shirt, great.


  1. Breathability

Imagine wearing a shirt for work that traps heat and moisture against your skin. Not a pleasant thought, right? You don't want to feel like you're in a sauna!

When the air feels thick with humidity and the sun is beating down, breathable fabrics are your golden ticket. They allow air to circulate, keeping you cool and preventing that sweaty, clammy feeling. Look for shirts made from natural fibres like cotton.

Man wearing Dickies Rutland 3 Pack Graphic T-shirt in Assorted Colours against a white background

We recommend something like the Dickies Rutland 3 Pack Graphic T-shirt as a great choice - this flies off the shelves in the warmer months due to its reliable breathable material that feels light on the skin. 



  1. Moisture-Wicking Technology

Working in the trades, factories, or outdoors often means facing not only high temperatures but also the inevitable sweat that comes with it. That's where moisture-wicking technology becomes your best friend.

These fabrics are specially designed to pull sweat away from your skin and to the outer surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate more easily. This keeps you feeling fresh and dry throughout your shift.

Black Coloured TuffStuff Elite T-Shirt On A White Background

Nobody likes feeling like they're swimming in their own sweat, especially when you're trying to focus on your work. Investing in one of our favourites like the TuffStuff Elite T-Shirt helps you hold your own against the humid weather - you'll thank yourself for it later!



  1. Ventilation Features

Making smart choices with your shirts means paying attention to the finer details. 

Ventilation features are design elements in a shirt that allow air to flow freely, helping to regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating. These can include mesh panels, vents, open collars and zip necks.

DeWalt Easton PWS Performance T-Shirt in Black against a white background

For example:

These both have vented sides, which helps your freedom of movement as well as your ability to stay cool as you go about your day. A finishing touch that truly matters.



4. UV Protection

In summer, we might think that the sun might not always seem intense, but UV radiation can still be harmful. When you're working outside all day, even in Britain, the cumulative effects of sun exposure can add up over time.

UV protection in clothing involves blocking or absorbing ultraviolet radiation from the sun to help protect your skin. A higher UPF rating indicates greater protection, so opt for the highest one you can.

Caterpillar Coolmax Long Sleeve Tee in black, grey, and green against a white background

Personally, we love the Caterpillar Coolmax Long Sleeve Tee as a versatile option for a casual shirt. The soft fabric has UPF50 protection built in, so you can expect max performance without compromising on comfort.



  1. Lightweight Construction

When the temperatures start to climb, the last thing you want is to feel weighed down by heavy, cumbersome work shirts. That's why lightweight construction is key for staying comfortable in the summer heat.

Heavy shirts can trap heat and make you feel sluggish, whereas lightweight shirts keep you feeling agile and comfortable throughout the day. Something as simple as the fabric weight can therefore be the straw that broke the camel's back!

Ariat Rebar Men's Heat Fighter T-Shirt in Khaki against a white background

The key thing to remember here is that this can be found in different sleeve options. Whether you want a button-down shirt or a casual t-shirt, there are those specifically created to be lighter in weight. Take a look at the Ariat Rebar Men's Heat Fighter Long Sleeve Top for an easy go-to choice.



  1. Durability and Easy Care

When you're working in construction, factories, or outdoors, your workwear takes a beating. You need a work shirt that can keep up with the demands of your job without falling apart or becoming a hassle to maintain.

A durable shirt will hold up to repeated wear and washing, ensuring that it remains in good condition for the long haul. Features such as reinforced stitching and strong fabric blends are crucial features to consider when making your choice.

Caterpillar Trademark Tee in Night Camo against a white background

The Caterpillar Trademark Tee is the perfect example of clever design catering to workers. Specifically, the inclusion of the soft CAT yellow liner tape that supports the ribbed elastane collar, so it doesn't sag when soaked with sweat. A winner for hard graft in the sun!



As we gear up for another summer season, it's crucial to ensure your workwear is up to par for the challenges ahead.

Throughout this guide, we've delved into the nitty-gritty of what makes a great summer work shirt: breathability, moisture-wicking technology, ventilation, UV protection, lightweight construction, and durability. So, when you're shopping for your shirts, make these features a top priority.

And, rest assured, we don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our collection of work shirts from top brands like TuffStuff, Caterpillar, Hard Yakka, Fort, and Dickies is specifically put together to meet the demands of summer work. Check it out and drop us a comment below once you've found your new favourite! 

Stay safe, stay comfortable, and here's to a productive summer season ahead from the team at Hollands.


About the Author

Matthew Holland brings a wealth of expertise to the world of workwear. With an extensive background in warehousing and outdoor work, he possesses an intricate understanding of the high-quality, functional garments needed for the demands of the workplace. Using his hands-on experience and knowledge gained, he continues to contribute valuable insights that resonate with professionals seeking superior workwear across various industries.